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Healing headwear's overall mission is to serve you and promote your ability to awaken your intuition and trust your inner guidance

Move past your mental, physical and spiritual blockages. We encourage you to open your heart and mind to the power of YOU as medicine.

Wear your crystals and connect to your crown chakra. Manifest your intentions and raise your vibration to a higher state of being.

Intuition is beyond intelligence, it is trust and deep knowing.

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How to use and cleanse your headwear

Wearing your crown

Whether you're deep into the modalities of self discovery or beginning your journey of deep connection, crystals are a safe and effective way to explore. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head, using/wearing stones guides us on the journey to open minds and grows our connection to true nature and our capacity to live a spiritual life. At healing headwear we like to wear our crowns/pins as much as possible especially when practicing our daily intentions through mediation and breathwork practices.

Cleansing and charging

Regularly cleansing your crystals is important as they absorb negative energy. There are many options including smudging, visualisation, water, earth and healing sounds to remove lower vibrations. Charging your crystals is equally important. Charge them in the full moon each month or in the sunlight for a few hours to re energise and activate.

About: Mission
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